ENSTA (École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées) is a French Grande École in engineering. It is located in Palaiseau of the Paris-Saclay campus, around 30 Km from Paris. It is one of the prestigious engineering institutions in France, and every year about 170 engineers graduate from it. ENSTA ParisTech is a public educational and research establishment, self-governed under the supervision of the Ministry of Defence.

ENSTA ParisTech offers its students a broad education in engineering with the aim of enabling them to design, carry out and manage complex technical projects. In this view, the institute provides a high-level scientific and technological education, which is constantly updated to keep pace with changes in the leading edge technologies, and supplemented by languages, humanities, and the skills needed in business life such as law, communication, economics, accounting and management.

The teaching is given by research professors at ENSTA and experts from large companies in France with the participation of numerous auxiliary teachers from the economic and industrial world familiar with the latest technical developments in a wide variety of fields.

The general nature of the training given enables ENSTA graduates to find a career in a large number of sectors such as the automotive or naval industry, networks and telecommunications, space propulsion, robotics, oceanology, the environment, IT sector, the energy sector, process and environment industries, but also consulting, finance.

ENSTA’s graduate engineers are much sought-after by companies. A majority of them find their first job in R&D departments and design offices, rapidly moving towards supervisory and project management positions.